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The Icing on the Cake
We're living love like snowflakes
Each moment unbidden
Unique, fragile
and finely crafted
For [our] ever like landscapes
Pressed permanent & pure
Promises protecting and arms embracing
and street lamps guiding home
And flurries of frosty tendrils like
Trimmed lace latticework
Across broadening horizons
And hopeful futures
And promises ringing out like bells
Nostalgic, bright, & full of dreams
Whispered yet vibrant in hallowed halls
Harboring a brand new dawn
And warm bodies like blankets
Covering carefully their dominion
Wrapping wistfully around
Protecting and preserving precious memories
And white; white like snow
Fresh-faced clean-slate hopeful prospects
Pure intentions and hearts
Filling softly at the warm glows of "I do"
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 2 2
Raise Your Spirits
Shed your wolfskin clothes
Join the fireside chanting
We are all one tribe
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
I roll from the grave and brush off
Dust of ages past, stories lived
I might not shake each pebble from my unkempt hair
And maybe that's what drags me down
Is it too much to hope that you can shower over me
Washing the remnants - and leaving me new
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
Beauty lives as hope
Falling in droplets from eyes
Knowing or longing
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 1 2
Mature content
Nightlife :iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
Lessons in Landmarks
And which part of you was it that pressed permanent paths
Across fragile flesh; reshaping my landscape indefinitely?
Was it your fingertips - trailing treadmarks like travelers
Winding every open road a hot summer's day yields?
Or maybe your eyes - swimming, shifting sojourns
Seeking out a truth in humanity so many are scared to find?
Perhaps the weight of your shoulders - hardened and hopeful healers
Singing hearth tunes into the ether enveloping me in comfort?
And what of those lips - daring and devout as dreamers
Pursuing beautiful ideals through native tongue and nurtured touch?
But I think it was your heart - a wild and wishful warrior
Lighting my soul to fire with its passionate spark of life
Your very being lies burning, buried in my bones
Beyond mere skin & carbon, no; you are a world-shaper in your very core.
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 1 0
I am Grand Central Station
As your fingers board & depart to nearby districts
Seeking validation and answers
For their nine-to-five struggle.
And at 3am when I am
Awake; tired of the same excuses exemplified
And stories turned sour You
Drape me in twinkling lights and
Remind me why the stars must burn.
Maybe if I could
Hold my own hand the way you do
The world alone wouldn't seem like
A monster hiding under my head.
And I wish I could move like
A hurricane; body trembling thunder
Twirling raindrops crashing waves
Enveloping you in wonder of
So many acts of God.
I'm dying for a better way
To express my gratitude for those evenings
When you took my coat at the door and left me
Stripped to bare bones, looking back
At open arms and softened hearts.
But all I can describe is
Eating confections alone on a summer's day
And how I can't help but think
         You taste so much sweeter.
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
Hollow Thrones
And who wrote on your skin some mark
That bears repeating?
Who set the rhythm in your voice to
Stand as relic; your outline a figurehead
Your touch like Midas leaving those
Once glorious cold and far behind?
Your crown is a jester's cap
Coated in fool's gold, adorned in pretty lies
The realization of your kingdom crumbles
In the wake of such hollow footfalls
Grown tired from these porcelain shackles and brambled cages
Built around naivety & memory to crush their prey so softly
A wandering knight awaits outside the gates
For rusted hinges to break to free prisoners and lay claim
On that day the air will fill with
A song of lies begging in their death for truth
But their spiced scent can never change this:
The cranberries you plated were bitter and out of season.
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 1 2
And I,
The star son cursed
With Draco's tongue
Found home again aloft
The clouds she wove
With each smoky breath she
Spoke wrapped in
Her moonchild aura and
Swept up
In her Virgo's charm
And she,
Having tasted the bitter
Sting of venom my
Twisted lies offered
And hearing the cries of
Cygnus on high deafening
Her thoughts and
Feeling the rumble as
Taurus's rampage left
Stardust in its wake
And we,
Lofty against the pull
Of terrestrial substance
Fighting against the
Tidal pools of black holes
That Cancer and Pisces
So lovingly rent
Our skies with in their
Emotionally charged migrations
And this,
The part where I
Catch the falling stars
From her eyes
Blame the cosmos
For star-crossed fate
As hands slip
And I watch gravity
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 1 2
A Glimmer in my Eye
I'd pull down the stars
Just for you - but their small lights
Wouldn't ever do.
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
Something Lost, Something Gained
For a time I lost my poetry
Like old letters on the kitchen table
Caught up in something bigger and stranger and
Probably less beautiful than them.
I wanted to search for it but
Like my house and your act things
Needed to be cleaned up before
Anything worth finding was found.
And I had no reason because
Old habits die hard like smoke
Laced phrases on summer nights or
The way you used to hold me while I cried.
So it laid buried at the bottom
For some hundred-soul-years when it came, like new
Pulled from its casket with dirt marks for nostalgia
And tears in memories.
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
And the Water's Rising
I kept your secrets
An ocean inside me
Swept off the shores
During all your high
Tides and hurricanes
I swam out once
To your vast, sinking emptiness
To see the eye of your storm
For myself.
I had collected the seashells
You left wash up beside me
They make a lovely necklace like an anchor
A turtle found me drowning
Just past the shoreline horizon
You never really let me see you, anyway.
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 0 0
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The Queen
United States
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:damphyr::heart:I'm alive, don't worry.
And for real this time, I promise.


"Ah yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it. " -The Lion King


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